[Translation: Offending The Audience}

From The Southeast Examiner, November 5, 2015 5:18 pm

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The imagineers at Liminal are at it again and this time they present Publikumsbeschimpfung (say that three times fast), an absurdist play from half a century ago, given a distinct 21st century twist.

In 1965, Peter Handke began work on a seminal work of anti-theatre, Offending the Audience. It was a stripped-down, genre-defying and riotous verbal happening that shook the establishment of the day.

Now Liminal has created an original installation reworking Handke’s avant-garde classic for the modern age. The show is presented at Action/Adventure Theater, 1050 SE Clinton St., for three weekends; Friday through Sunday November 6 – 8,  13 – 15,  20 – 22 at 7:30 pm, Sunday matinees at 2:30 pm.

Misha Neininger, John Berendzen and the Liminal ensemble orchestrate a musical, visual and conceptual score from Handke’s original text. Audiences are asked to bring their mobile devices and turn the ringer volume UP to maximum to take advantage of the performance’s SMS text-interactive features. Actors will wear ‘smart costumes’ equipped with POV cameras, displaying infrared poetry.

Will you be offended? Answers Handke, “You don’t have to feel offended. You were warned in advance.” Offending is one way to relate, adds Berendzen. “No one can be offended by theatre anymore. Either way that’s not the point. We want to democratize the space between us and the audience, a level playing field. We want you to get involved.”

LIMINAL’S FAIR WARNING: There will be strobe lighting, loud sounds and mature content. Heckling, off-leash pets, flash photography and crying babies are welcome.

“Liminal’s been waiting 18 years to interpret this piece. Finally, we think we’re ready.” says Berendzen.

Sound intriguing? Remember Liminal’s Gertrude Stein, their version of Wilder’s Our Town or their EE Cummings Santa?

Tickets are $10-25 sliding scale, $8 student-artist    503 567