Jowl Movements I-IX was performed in the fall of 1999 in the underground parking garage of the Portland Building. What unfolded was a Liminal event that merged a visual art installation with a surreal deconstruction of an American drawing-room drama. 

Jowl Movements I-IX took a satirical and irreverent look at the world of high art, consumer culture and the media, while contradicting its own critical structure and meaning. Indeed, the play layered so many elements, that it is difficult to accurately describe the experience. Even the press releases sent to media contradicted the performance by offering three completely different descriptions of the story.

Jowl Movements I-IX was written by the ensemble. Bryan Markovitz directed. John Berendzen produced sound and music. Miro O. Chun designed slide photography and Jill Buxworthy’s installation. Cast members included Amanda Boekelheide, Julie Burtis, Georgia Luce, Jeff Marchant, Christoph Saxe, Rich Southwick and Trent Moore.


Letters to the Editor
Willamette Week, November 4, 1998
The Oregonian, November 6, 1998
The Oregonian, October 23, 1998