This August 8-30 will mark the first production of The PAN Theater’s new late evening series— LIMINAL HOURS. The series will premiere with a new performance of SamShepard’s idiosyncratic and atonal play, Suicide In B-Flat.  Unlike Shepard’s more recent popular works, Suicide resists much of the playwright’s traditional style of structure and thrusts the audience onto an intricate tightrope of frenetic action and sensory flirtation that follows the inner workings of a truly liminal experience. Quite literally, liminal is the betwixt and between; neither this nor that, neither here nor there. Transgressing beyond the ordinary, this performance focuses in on the marginal limits of human behavior with live musicians, visual projections, and outrageous action.

In Suicide In B-Flat,  two roguish detectives are on the case to solve a violent and mysterious death. Is it murder? Suicide? No one knows. The only thing certain about this crime is that beneath the surface of Shepard’s play lurks a world of anomalous initiations and deviant experiments that develops into a strange and unfamiliar rite-of-passage.

Suicide in B-Flat travels like a bullet speeding through time and space, reaching its final target right between the eyes. This summer, drop the night time movie listings and visit The PAN during LIMINAL HOURS for an exhilarating and esoteric seventy-five-minute feast of the unknown.

The PAN Theater is located at 419 SE 13th (at Oak).  For further information and reservations, call 736-9736.

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