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Portland, Ore. - Since they first burst onto the scene, Portland’s performance group Liminal has become a phenomenon. Now, after spending a politically controversial year in Nigeria studying the maverick techniques of famed choreographer, Inu Bisiriyu, Liminal returns to the Portland scene with the premier showing of an original new work commissioned by the Institute for Performance Research at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. 

Drawn both from the shamanistic traditions of Nigeria’s Yoruba cults, and from the meticulously notated physical mysticism of fifteenth-century Iberian scholar Abraham Abulafia, Jowl Movements I-IX tackles diverse human topics ranging from the sacred ritual of the daily meal, to the popular modern traditions of erotic dance. Set in a post-industrial landscape of juxtaposition and intertextual pastiche, Jowl Movements I-IX extends the limits of the senses with a dazzling multimedia array of technical wizardry that, as with much of Liminal’s art, refuses definition. 

Jowl Movements I-IX is, above all, a very human convergence of cultural planes, addressing such issues as race, gender, age, religion, and socioeconomic displacement with an all-engulfing fin de sicle anxiety.

Liminal’s Portland performance of Jowl Movements I-IX is made possible by the generous support of Cascadia Holdings Corporation, Inc.

The Portland Building, 1120 SW Fifth Avenue, Main Entrance
Saturday and Sunday nights, October 24-November 22, 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $6-15 on a sliding scale, cash or checks. For reservations, call 229-3851. 

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