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Seattle, Washington—On March 8, 9, 10, 11, 15 and 17, the 2001 Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival will feature a unique performance event from the Portland-based multimedia performance group Liminal. Objects for the Emancipated Consumer is Liminal’s new hi-tech film-noir spy drama that merges original text, theatre, movement and technology into a unique interactive event. The performance places you at the mediatized center of a story with six characters condemned by flight delays to wander the concourses of an airport city where they fall victim to passion, paranoia and defective memories.

Audiences are encouraged to interact with the performance by moving through the surreal performance space to manipulate sound and visual media. The result is a performance that amplifies the human struggle between the real and the virtual in our culture. Objects for the Emancipated Consumer fragments the image/identity codes of a media society and reacts to them through a continuous flow of tension and release, movement and stasis, chaos and control. “Fusing music, movement, text and technology,” writes Willamette Week Theatre Critic Steffen Silvis, “Liminal brings its audience to the hallucinatory threshold.”

Liminal is an ensemble of artists collaborating through live performance to discover new disciplines that merge theatre, the fine arts, and multimedia technologies. Our mission is to expand public interaction with performance and engage in critical dialogues about contemporary culture through an ongoing evolution of new work.

Objects for the Emancipated Consumer
An original work by Liminal
2001 Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival
Richard Hugo House, 1634 11th Avenue, Seattle, Washington
March 8—7:45 pm
March 9—6:00 pm
March 10—5:25 pm
March 11—6:55 pm
March 15—9:45 pm
March 17—2:00 pm
Tickets available from the Seattle Fringe Box Office, 206.366.2018, or at