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Peter Handke


Radioplay I (1968)
Saturday, June 27, 2015
@ Hand2Mouth Crystal Anniversary 
Scott Davis & Alex Reagan (actors); Amanda Boekelheide  Ryan Dohoney  Georgia Gunesch  Madeleine Howard  Bryan Markovitz  Ammon Morris (voices); John Berendzen (direction, sound)

The Innerworld of The Outerworld of The Innerworld (1969)
July 17, 18 & 19, 2015
@ Imago
Soir? #1
(event details)

with Amanda Boekelheide  Evan Corcoran  Stephanie Cordell  Leo Daedalus  Scott Davis  Leslie Finch  Lois Leveen  Corey O’Hara  Alex Reagan  Sumi Wu  Camille Cettina (direction) and John Berendzen (direction, sound)


     coming Fall 2015


Since 1997, Liminal has explored a wide spectrum of live performance and and installation work from its home in Portland, Oregon.


Liminal’s company members and collaborating artists have produced more than fifteen original works on the stage and in a variety of non-traditional spaces. We are most interested in operations that are theatrical, but not necessarily theatre. The work is not about something. Rather, it is the thing itself.

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