Willamette Week, November 15, 2000
By Steffen Silvis

In Liminal’s Interrupt-Interactive Hypermedia, the audience is thrown into the middle of an event, as Liminal has constructed a multimedia funhouse where those who enter interact with a series of installations and performers. It’s a Caligarian nightmare alley, where a series of rooms plunge the viewer into alternative worlds. Yet, the viewer has the power to alter the experience by interrupting the action. As usual, John Berendzen has crafted an excellent soundscape to aurally traverse, using fragments Hochenkeit and Katie Griesar. Past the bio-surgical art installation of Keith Yurdana lies the unknown. Jennifer Olson is a caged medium and Amanda Boekelheide runs a nurse’s station in some nearby dystopia, while Rich Southwick appears as a mysterious gentleman on a telephone whose conversation may be about you. Interrupt is a piece that needs more than one visit, and patrons are encouraged to turn all knobs, open all doors and, most importantly, interact.