Liminal returned in summer 1999 to present The Evening with the Photograph, an original work that continued Liminal’s exploration of synthetic and hallucinatory theatre The Evening with the Photograph was an ever-changing mystery that explored the lives of five characters trapped in various parallel worlds. The different worlds of the play were connected by Dr. Saxe, a scientist living on the border between genius and insanity. As Dr. Saxe’s experiments progressively fail, the performers and audience are led along a course of events that question the nature of gesture, performance and the point at which the virtual becomes real. The random sequencing of scenes within the show (or metaphorically, the dance along the artery) meant that each night was a truly unique experience, with an outcome that was never fully predictable.

The Evening with the Photograph was performed in Northeast Portland in an old ballroom. The show brought together Liminal’s usual stable of talent. Bryan Markovitz wrote and directed. Amanda Boekelheide directed movement. John Berendzen designed sound. Trent Moore designed set and lights. Julie Burtis designed costumes, and Liminal’s regular company members made up the cast.

The Oregonian, June 19, 1999
Willamette Week, June 14, 1999