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Phone: 228-7231

Portland, Ore. - Despite rumors that Liminal’s production of Jowl Movements I-IX would be canceled because of angry protests and vandalism by a small but vocal reactionary extremist group at last weekend’s performances, the company fully intends to continue its performance run as scheduled. 

Liminal’s resolve is clear: the company will not bow down to those who hold differing opinions, nor will one single performance be canceled or delayed because of the intolerance of a few radical factions wishing to squelch free expression in a manner reminiscent of colonial Salem witch hunts.

In fact, it is just such societal unraveling that fuels Liminal’s desire to produce a new and fearful genre of performance for a new and fearful time. As the artifice of the modern era crumbles around us, Liminal will continue its current theatrical exploration of the myth, mysticism, sorcery, and phantasmagoria of what will someday be known as the Neo-Gothic Age. 

“We are prepared to call upon the aid of Hell itself,” said company member Nigel Robeson, “in our battle for free expression and our preparation for a new dawn. We will persevere undaunted by those who remain ignorant to our crumbling millennium.”

Liminal would like to thank Cascadia Holdings Corporation, Inc. for its continuing support of this endeavor.

Saturday and Sunday nights, Continuing through November 22, 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $6-15 on a sliding scale, cash or checks. For reservations, call 229-3851. 

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